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Keg Specials & Policies

CO2 and Beer Gas Cylinders:
HBSO stocks CO2 (carbon dioxide) in 2 ½ , 5, 10 , 20 and 50 lb. cylinders, Beer Gas (75% nitrogen/25% carbon dioxide mix) cylinders in 10, 20, 35 and 50 lb. capacities, as well as Nitrogen (100% nitrogen) cylinders in 10, 20, 35 and 50 lb. capacities..

We utilize a swap system, and do not refill cylinders on-site. We have many CO2 and Beer Gas cylinders in stock every day, and will swap your empty cylinder for a full one in similar condition – for example, a new cylinder for a new cylinder, or nearly new one for another nearly new one. So there is no need to worry that you might exchange a new cylinder for one in poor condition.

If a customer wishes, we also have the ability to send your CO2 or Beer Gas cylinder out for refill and then return the same cylinder to you.

Keg Rental Policies:
Prices shown do not include deposit ($30 keg, $50 tap, $30 tub). The tap is free of charge with a security deposit, which is fully refundable provided you abide by our policy.

We always have kegs in stock. To ensure your choice is available when you need it, please contact us with at least 3 working days advance notice and provide us with your order and a daytime telephone number.
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Keg Specs:
A 1/2 Keg contains 15.5 gallons of beer and will pour 165 – 12oz cups of beer.

A 1/4 Keg contains 7.75 gallons of beer and will pour 82 – 12oz cups of beer.

Import beers are usually available in 13.2 gallon Kegs only, and may require a different tap.

Kegs, no matter the size, must always be kept cold. Keg beer is unpastuerized, and will begin to lose it’s quality and become foamy if it becomes warm.

Cleaning kits available.


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